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Bharata Natyam is a Dance form originating from the Temples of South India. It was danced by Devadasi’s or Brides of God who were ritually wedded to the Deity of that particular temple they offered there service to. Through Movement, Poetry from various saints, scriptures/holy texts, Drama/Storytelling, Music and Rhythm – Bharata Natyam uses the entire body to express and reach out to the infinite power of the Universe.

F A Q’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to be Hindu, Religious/Spiritual or Indian to learn? 

No, Bharata Natyam is a dance language to enable us to express and is open to all races, castes, creed and culture. So whether your Black, White, Hispanic or any other culture – ART HAS NO BOUNDARIES and Bharata Natyam is for all to enjoy, educate and enrich themselves in.

Do I need to be Young?

No, all ages are welcome – for a matter of fact we have BN Dancers who are 80+ and still dancing. One fine example is Professor C.V Chandrasekhar who even today at 80+ dances effortlessly to perfection for more then 1 Hour at a time.

Is Bharata Natyam Girly or only for Girls?

No, Bharata Natyam is danced both by Males and Females – Did you know the teachers who taught this dance to women in the temples 2000 years ago were actually men who were trained by their anchestor’s. Nataraja – the king of dance is not a woman but is a Man the great god Lord Shiva in his dancing Avatar who destructs and recreates with his dance. So point being – Man dancers are very prominent in Bharata Natyam who give it a masculine flair, grace and agility of the Tandava energy of Shiva which is just as graceful as Women who dance it with innate Femininity or Laasya of Parvati.


Whether your a beginner or have learnt some Bharata Natyam previously, our class is open to everyone who has an interest to dance.

We offer a space for you to come and find freedom in movement, to surrender yourself to the process of learning and to aim to push yourself to learn new skills in a warm and encouraging atmosphere.

We want you to take ownership of what is taught in the class and work on that to develop outside the class so that learning Bharata Natyam can be enhanced.

We follow the ISTD Bharata Natyam syllabus and we encourage our students to aim to take the Grade exams to achieve a recognised qualification and certificate which can be used to gain more UCAS points in university, contribute to learning soft skills and extracurricular activity that boasts your CV in your creative ability.

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